Trump Makes America Great with World War III

I Voted for Trump to Make America Great Again – via World War III                                                                                                             Dick Gayer,  11 March 2017

President Trump is a remarkable man who will apply business principles to improve our economy for Americans of all socio-economic classes.  But in order to make America great again, he must start or get into a world wide nuclear war against a recognized enemy of the Free World.  Such enemies include Russia, China and North Korea.

Since even China does not like North Korea, Trump will probably select that enemy as his starting point.  Moreover, he will probably be able to obtain United Nations approval of such an action.  The problem with North Korea as a target is that any attack on that country exposes South Korea to substantial harm.  But, where is another target?

Trump could decide on the Chinese installations on islands in the South China Sea, but those may not be large enough for greatness.  Besides, China is almost a kind of ally, since countless American companies manufacture their products there.  As a result, North Korea must be the first target.

I believe that Trump is likely to sacrifice South Korea in order to seek his greatness and restore that of America.


Trump Is Intentionally Helping Clinton

              Donald Trump Is Intentionally Helping Hillary Clinton

This article is based on remarks made during the Republican debate of February 13, 2016. Six men took part: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush.

During the debate, both Ben Carson and John Kasich implicitly recognized that Donald Trump was the cause of the embarrassing fighting among the Republican candidates for president. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump attacked each other frequently during the debate, and Marco Rubio participated in the fray from time to time. Jeb Bush also got into the action with Trump.

John Kasich was the first to comment on this immature conduct, stating that “I don’t want to get into all this fighting”. Earlier he observed that “I think we’re fixing to lose the election to Hillary Clinton if we don’t stop this”. Ben Carson agreed, commenting on the “screaming” and “jumping up and down” and concluding that this infighting will help the Democrats in the fall.

Ted Cruz effectively explained the motivation of Trump’s non-stop bullying, stating that he has liberal views and has backed Democrats in the past. From comments made by Trump before the debate, we know that he and Hillary Clinton have socialized more than once in the past.

The foregoing ends the mystery of why Trump is acting like an adolescent bully while running for the Republican nomination for President. He has gained control of his opponents by his tactics to the extent that three of them respond to his attacks in kind.

I predict that if Trump wins the nomination, then he will shock Republicans by campaigning weakly, seeming to “throw” the election to the Democrats. If he loses, then he may run as a third-party apparent conservative in order to steal votes from the Republican candidate.

What do you think?