Smart Meters Subject to Hacking — KPHO-TV

Smart Meters are dangerous devices that, in addition to being subject to hacking, cause house fires, invade your privacy and may make you sick.

Here is a video of a news cast led by Lindsey Reiser on Channel 5 in Phoenix on March 20, 2015 entitled “New Utility Meters Could Be Vulnerable To Hacking” —>

Here is a 2011 commentary from James Woolsey, a past Director of Central Intelligence on the Smart Grid

Q: Are you saying also on a federal level there is no one in charge of cyber security, policy and defense.
A: There is no one in charge of security for the grid, whether its cyber or transformers or whatever.  You can search forever thru the Federal Code to try to find who that person might be.
Q: You think it should be the President?
A: Well I think it’s — there is a very good reason for it perhaps to be the Chairman of the, of FERC.  Or, but to try out to see what would work, I think having the Defense Department work with the local utility is the best.
What they’re doing now, they’re constructing what they call a smart grid and they’re going to make it easier for you and me to call our homes on our cell phone and turn down our air conditioning on a hot afternoon if we’re not there.  Great!
But that may well mean that a hacker in Shanghai with his cell phone can do the same thing or worse.  And, a so-called smart grid that is as vulnerable as what we’ve got is not smart at all.  It’s a really, really stupid grid.

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Drones Need Registration and Insurance

Drones continue in the headlines, revealing problems like endangering fire fighting aircraft in California and commercial aircraft near airports.  It’s time to realize that these small machines in the air are more dangerous than cars on the ground and require state registration and insurance as we do for motor vehicles.  This should be required for anyone who desires to operate a drone over any area except his or her own property (as we do for cars).
    Amazon wants to deliver its packages via drones to residential neighborhoods, but if one of them falls on my head I want to be able to identify its owner and collect compensation for my injuries.  Just because a fairly sophisticated drone can be purchased for under $1,000 does not mean that its owner should be able to avoid additional expenses for registration and insurance.  Let’s act before someone is seriously injured without being able to identity the owner of the drone that hit him.