Dick Gayer, 12 September 2015

          Guns & Labor Unions – Middle Class Necessities in 21st Century America

Liberals demand more gun control and conservatives favor “right to work” laws and oppose labor unions, but neither group realizes that more guns and many more unions are required to restore the health and wealth of the shrinking middle class in America.

Basic Principles

  1. The legal system does not serve the middle class, so guns are necessary for self-protection. (Guns are not evil; it’s the people who use them unlawfully.)
  1. Corporations and Unions can be evil, but Unions are necessary to protect workers from Corporate power and greed. It’s a matter of balance.
  1. The middle class has been shrinking for the past 30 years or more, because our tilting tax structure has been sending increasing amounts of wealth to the top one percent of earners.
  1. Citizens United is the last straw in dooming the middle class to extinction by allowing the top one percent to buy our elected officials.

First Things First

  1. Buy a gun; better, buy a semi-automatic handgun and a shotgun and practice with them. The latter is the best tool for self-defense when the police are too busy helping rich people, and it is similarly useful when rogue police officers try to kill you.
  1. Form a Labor Union. If you are employed by a medium to large employer and work on an assembly line or perform other work of a fungible nature, you and your co-workers are easy prey for management. Management will pay you as little as possible and suggest that you quit if you are not satisfied. So, get together with your co-workers and organize a union to protect yourselves from aggressive management. If they get too aggressive, you can use your guns for self defense; management has been known to use goons to frighten union organizers. (Remember to buy the guns first!) If management starts a war, then we will be able to defend ourselves.

Labor Unions Made the Middle Class After World War II and Can Restore the Middle Class Today

The only foundation of a strong economy that includes well-paid workers is organized labor. A thriving middle class provides buyers for the goods and services offered for sale on the market. It also sets a virtual minimum wage for STEM (Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Mathematics) and other professionals to enjoy because employers will pay them more to discourage unionization.

Legal protection for unions essentially began with the Wagner Act in 1935, which was amended in 1947 by the Taft-Hartley Act to bring a measure of balance between the respective powers of labor and management. Before those laws, management was free to ignore worker’s demands and use the police to breakup labor demonstrations, even by making arrests,

Without the protection of unions, workers’ wages will descend towards the minimum wage and professional salaries will decrease accordingly. Indeed, this has already happened in the United States, and wage stagnation describes the present situation in 2015.

In addition, employers now feel free to invite foreigners to work at a fraction of the wages and salaries required to support a comfortable American lifestyle. Therefore, one part of a union’s job is to keep foreigners out of our workplaces; there are already more than enough qualified professionals and other workers looking for work right here. There is no need to import competition just because they are willing to work for substandard wages. And yes, STEM and other non-management professionals are authorized by law to form unions.

Lawsuits? Don’t Waste Your Time!

At first glance, litigation would appear to be preferable to violence, but that is an illusion. Except for labor laws and other statutes that prohibit discrimination such as that based on race or sex, there is nothing practical to do. General lawsuits are far beyond the financial ability of middle class persons; a serious lawsuit would cost at least $20,000 just to start and can easily exceed $100,000.

Worse yet, a middle class person is likely to lose his case even after losing his life safe savings. Judges are usually from the upper middle class or richer and are often from prestigious law firms. As a result, they almost automatically favor wealthy parties and those represented by high priced lawyers. That’s right; no bribes or gifts are required. Based on what amounts to a buddy system, you just lose, independent of the merits of your case.

Give up or prepare to defend yourself with a gun!

The Shame of Class Warfare

The United States is on a path to violent class warfare. That process was started in a non-violent manner in 1981, when President Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controllers union. From that one action, employers learned that they were permitted by law to hire replacement workers to replace strikers and do so on a permanent basis. From that point until today, workers effectively lost their statutory right to bargain collectively and effectively for better wages and working conditions. At present, the few remaining unions allow employers to hire new union workers at about half of the wages prevailing for current workers, preserving living wages only for the latter group. It is easy to understand why new employees believe that paying union dues gets them nothing of real value.

The stagnation of salaries has spread to almost all professional workers, even some STEM people. For example, STEM jobs such a computer program coding are being outsourced to foreign countries simply to save money and enhance the bottom line. (The coded programs are as easily sent over the Internet to the company from a computer in India as from a computer in the company’s own workplace in the United States.)   As result, even professional families need two working parents to survive in today’s economy. The result is a level of stress that cannot be sustained and will not be tolerated by most of today’s workers. The only question is the time when violent opposition to this oppression will begin here. It has already begun in India, where college graduates are unable to obtain professional jobs.

The Beginning of Violence

A frightening form of violence has already begun here: numerous unnecessary police killings, especially of young Black men. I do not pretend to know the cause of such violence, as police still have unions and are reasonably well paid. However, before the enactment of federal labor laws, management frequently used police to thwart unionization efforts; perhaps police will return to such work in the ensuing violence.

Now a backlash against police violence has begun, with one officer shot in the back by an angry coward. In addition, an unknown terrorist is shooting at cars on a freeway in Phoenix, AZ.


So, be prepared and buy two guns; practice with them so that you will be able to protect yourself and your family from violence, whether perpetrated by management goons or the local police.

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