Wealthy Whites of Willo to Shift Airplane Noise Back to Hispanics

For years, Hispanic people living West of 15th Avenue and out towards Laveen have been enduring loud noise from airplanes.  In September 2014, the FAA changed the flight paths so that they now fly over wealthy historic districts like Willo, Encanto-Palmcroft and F. Q. Story.  Now, the Wealthy Whites are lobbying Phoenix City Officials to return the noise to the less wealthy Hispanics.  Their main concern is property values; the increased noise levels are tolerable.

Before the flight paths were changed, the FAA notified someone in the Phoenix Aviation Department, but she dropped the ball and failed to notify the City Manager’s office.  As a result, the City has lost its only effective way to protest the changes.

I say this constitutes discrimination based on wealth and national origin in violation of the Equal Protection clause of 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The City of Phoenix is threatening to sue the FAA for some kind of imaginary wrongdoing.  The FAA should support the rights of the affected Hispanics and leave the flight paths where they are now.

What do you say?

One thought on “Wealthy Whites of Willo to Shift Airplane Noise Back to Hispanics

  1. I agree to some degree, but If I bought a house for 500,000 and then they changed the flight path to where the planes flew over my house and produced a lot of noise and my house then was worth 100,000 less, I would not be happy.


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